Frances Trussell: Mindfulness teacher & lover of life!

Meditation Image 1WHO AM I?

I can tell you who I am not; I am not a doctor or a therapist, I am not part of any cult or religion, I don’t have a guru or spiritual leader and I am not a life coach. I do have quite a few qualifications because I like to study, but that’s not necessarily important.

​I am someone who has completely changed the way I experience my life through mindfulness. Where there was misery and darkness now there is joy and happiness and I feel passionately about helping others to find this in themselves.

​If you want to calm your busy mind and uncover some of the peace that is inside you I can teach you some techniques to do so, not as some passing fad but for life.

My background is in PR & Media Consultancy and Broadcast Journalism. I am mum to two young children and live just outside London in lovely East Molesey, Surrey.

For information on the latest courses and drop-in sessions see: http://www.mindfullyhappy.com

Freedom, happiness and love


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